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Stealthscape - What you will need to know

Requirements check for Stealthscape - full specifications. Can I run it? Can I have a smooth game experience with my current PC gaming setup? we'll cover that in the following paragraphs.

We got you covered - after you've read the system requirements below, you will know if your gaming PC will be able to run or not the game.

What we will cover in our guide

So, you're interested in Stealthscape. On this page we will we covering all the information we have on it - from gaming minimum requirements to recommended requirements for a smooth gaming experience, videos and comments for the game.

Will Stealthscape run on an Intel or AMD CPU? Do I need an NVIDIA GTX gpu to run it or a Radeon? Is the game Ryzen compatible?

What is Stealthscape ?

Stealthscape - System requirements - Game cover
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Stealthscape is a video game developed by Carson Kompon, published by Carson Kompon, released on 30 - 03 - 2020 It falls under the following genre categories : Casual

Can I run Stealthscape ?

If you were wondering "Can I run Stealthscape on my PC?", we will help you to get the answer.

Further on, we will explain what are the minimum and recommended PC gaming system requirements ( otherwise known as sys req ) for Stealthscape

In order to be able to run Stealthscape at a minimum standard for the game, you will need a CPU ranked better than 1.2GHz, more than 1024 MB RAM, a GPU that is better ranked than 256MB , while the PC system is running on Windows XP .

If you really want to enjoy Stealthscape at a higher level of gameplay smoothness, your system must run at with a CPU at least as good as 2.4GHz, more than 4 GB RAM, a GPU that performs better than 2048MB , while the PC system is running on Windows 10, .

Check game system requirements for Stealthscape

In order to have a clearer view of what the game need in order to run, we created 2 simple lists which you can consult quickly to see if your PC gaming setup is good enough for the Stealthscape.

Stealthscape Minimum system specs

Firstly, these are the minimum set of gaming requirements for your PC that you need so you can run Stealthscape. Some of them are necessary for the game to run but a part of them are not that important. If you meet the necessary ones, those will do. You can see which are which in the table below. Just remember these are the minimum specs to run Stealthscape

Necessary PC requirements

CPU 1.2GHz
DX -
Operating system Windows XP
Storage 256 MB available space

Optional requirements

Sound -
Optical Disk Drive -
Network connection -
Screen resolution -

Recommended PC specs for Stealthscape

The following requirements are what we recommend you need for your PC in order to play Stealthscape the best frame rate. Again, some of them are necessary for the game but a part of them are not that important. You can see which are which in the table below:

Necessary requirements


Sound -
Optical Disk Drive -
Network connection Broadband Internet connection
Screen resolution -

Stealthscape Information Card

Carson Kompon
Carson Kompon
Release Date:
30 - 03 - 2020